Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 28th 2:06 pm
Ok,I'm back. first,what kind of crazy person takes on 4 shows in one year and decides it will new work. The first one actually comes down this week. And thanks to Grandpa Wiener I might just get the next one finished. Had a major setback when I lost my Polly Pug. I was doing okay until I brought her little cedar box with engraved name home. So, had a pity party well had a few pity parties.I took a picture of her on my laptop 2 days before she died. can't stand to look at it.
And nowI have to get it together. Maddie died while I was working on a show. In fact, I have to get my notebook out about her. These writings have changed since I started but I guess that's okay.Big painting "Dog Boy" has a lot to go,not sure I'll finish. 2 shrines that I will surround with
an empty frame wrapped in lights. couldn't figure any other way to light them.
Grandpa's paintings are small by my standards. 36"x 48" be he's small too!

Friday, June 11, 2010

june 11 8:05 am
What a hectic week. Finally got the play finished with some of my students. Now,the props are in the garage. Sat. hung the first of the 4 exhibits I've been freaking out about. Lot's of work but the finished result look good,I think . Been dragging these monster paintings around for what seems like forever,still trying to make stuff, and when I fall into my little world it seems okay. It's when I slip and fall into the real world I realize I am certainly marching to the wrong drum . Some one,I thought was a friend said I wasn't any fun. Wonder what fun is. I thought I was fun. Kids I work with,people I work with,lot's of people think I'm fun. People in my galleries think I'm fun.So,one person shouldn't matter should it.But it sort of does because this one person doesn't get my art, doesn't get me but still thinks I'm not fun. Next weekend I teach all day at an earth fair making art from trash. Isn't that fun? Oh well. On to the doggie show which by this time next month it will or won't be on the walls. The notebook for the show is called Dog Show the show is Dog Days. Grandpa Wiener better get his brushes out.
He's almost finished. If all goes well today I should have my shrine done and grandpa's installation. That will leave the notebook to finish tomorrow at Highwire and sunday finish Dog Boy. This is self portrait as happy kiddo. not sure if I'll paint her the same size as Dog Boy but might .
Then,and only then, I feel like treating myself to a fancy dinner out in a fancy place. Get all dressed up and be treated like a queen. The little red truck with a dent in the side hardly makes it so I will hide it somewhere behind a bush. I think I'll choose a place with a patio.