Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28th 10:11
Well, I crashed and burned last weekend. Then, felt better when one of the kids decided to splatter paint. Splatter paint always cheers me up,of course,his mom wasn't happy about the shoes.
I'm working on a play with my students and going crazy making the props. Almost done. Shows?
good grief! Thank god for grandpa wiener. I'm working on 6 paintings at the same time. I have chosen 4 of Grandpa's greatest works to interpret. also,Dog Boy. He is one of the visible boy collages. He's 72" tall. I always start paintings with a wash of different color but just drew him with black paint. Want that paint totally dry so I'll be back to him tomorrow, Prairie Dog is off the stretchers. I'm thinking of gluing it on heavy cardboard. Also have a big trash sculpture to work on,other that that nothing new.

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24 7:34
At random I chose the Tarot card of the day and it turned out to be
"Queen of Wands"
Today is about a woman who is the mistress of self. She is an individual. Knows exactly who she is and acts as her own authority. she is a survivor of many past hurts and and has been tempered like steel through loss and grief. She knows what she wants and goes and gets it. Today is about independence personal liberty,self reliance,self esteem,self knowledge and self confidence. Take the off mask of old roles and expectations and show your true self. Be the ruler of your own life.

I'm back to trying to focus. I need to think,how do I do all the work. Study the "Queen of Wands" Don't fall in the well. No black hole.
Trying to come up with the work for my dog days show I found this photo of Madeline and Okie.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13th 7:00am
I have been so busy. I've also been spending time staring into space. All these show creeping up fast. any way have stopped working on the June show. I have to concentrate on July. I work on this large notebook every day at school. the little kids love to share the supplies I bring. Anyway I found a book in NYC about dog portraits. I took each one and and glued a small part on each page. I am using only the book for the collage pieces and water color and oil pastel I want to loose the image completely. I bought a bunch of canvases with the idea of using them for the visible boys planes but that will have to wait. This is "Grandpa Wiener, a painter for our times. so this is how the process works at it's best. Get it?
I like the ones that clearly show the frame. I have a bunch of frame pieces I could add if I can figure out how to attach. forgot the cover.
I'll explain the process. I found the title first,in an old art magazine. then I found the book in NYC. Then I made the notebook, next I'll do the paintings,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5th 6:58
Went to visit the gallery space for the show I'm having in June. Good Grief! It's huge. And not only that what kind of a nut sends a press release for a show in July with no work. actually I do have the plan in my head,great,now to get it out of my head. The plan. 5 large paintings. the first one I have the drawing "Self portrait with bullet the Wonder Dog" The second Self portrait with Taos Dog Understudies" The challenge? Can I let go of the abstract. Wait and see. Large notebook
"Sit Stay" These are abstract portraits of dogs and a series of small photos from Westminster.