Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13th 7:00am
I have been so busy. I've also been spending time staring into space. All these show creeping up fast. any way have stopped working on the June show. I have to concentrate on July. I work on this large notebook every day at school. the little kids love to share the supplies I bring. Anyway I found a book in NYC about dog portraits. I took each one and and glued a small part on each page. I am using only the book for the collage pieces and water color and oil pastel I want to loose the image completely. I bought a bunch of canvases with the idea of using them for the visible boys planes but that will have to wait. This is "Grandpa Wiener, a painter for our times. so this is how the process works at it's best. Get it?
I like the ones that clearly show the frame. I have a bunch of frame pieces I could add if I can figure out how to attach. forgot the cover.
I'll explain the process. I found the title first,in an old art magazine. then I found the book in NYC. Then I made the notebook, next I'll do the paintings,

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