Friday, May 28, 2010

May 28th 10:11
Well, I crashed and burned last weekend. Then, felt better when one of the kids decided to splatter paint. Splatter paint always cheers me up,of course,his mom wasn't happy about the shoes.
I'm working on a play with my students and going crazy making the props. Almost done. Shows?
good grief! Thank god for grandpa wiener. I'm working on 6 paintings at the same time. I have chosen 4 of Grandpa's greatest works to interpret. also,Dog Boy. He is one of the visible boy collages. He's 72" tall. I always start paintings with a wash of different color but just drew him with black paint. Want that paint totally dry so I'll be back to him tomorrow, Prairie Dog is off the stretchers. I'm thinking of gluing it on heavy cardboard. Also have a big trash sculpture to work on,other that that nothing new.

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