Sunday, January 19, 2020

January 19 2020
Tarot of the day is The King of Wands
This card represents initiative, drive and desire. Risk taking. Restless and bored with the predictable.Lead rather than follow.He makes life wonderful for those he loves and just the opposite for those that displease.
Well gee I guess I nailed that one. Driven? Who me? Driven too insanity. That's all there is.
Anyway, listening to my jazz music on a Sunday morning . Of course I had to stumble around in the sawdust for a look at what's going on in Slumberland. I got out some old watercolors and reworked them with my new paint set. I've decided Slumberland will have a big parade. The crowd will make some sort of a special occasion which I haven't dreamed up yet. The watercolors where MY interpretation of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Another one of my screwball ideas. So now they will become lost souls in Slumberland. Leading will be Blue Jack he is well known across multiple continents for his thin legs and see through chest.The comes Florita her face painted in Kabuki style.
Her crippled hands are concealed under rustling faded taffeta. Have to bring them to life.
I'll be going back to the Mutter Museum to do more drawings of Harry and Carol. Since we just met I need to get to know them better.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

January 16,2020
The Tarot of the day is Three of Coins It represents an artist ,driven to bring something into creation.
Intense concentration to solve problems.
Well this sure is revealing. Does this mean crawling around on the floor of my studio covered in sawdust is intense concentration? I have been focused on this idea of bringing my little characters to life.
They have been too static. Frozen in time. Kind of like wax figures and I know they can do better. Crawling around on the floor we have conversations. We talk .They don't say much but when they do it is meaningful. The storyteller has the most to say.Anyway,I took lots of photos. some good some bad. I stepped on the roller coaster and squished it. Jack Knife created chaos practicing his technique throwing knives at Sally. "Wounded by the Master she wore her scar proudly. I came up with that yesterday. I need to start making the graveyard. We need to have a day of homage to grandma and the story teller will give the eulogy.I know I make no sense and I don't even try to. Who cares? I toss rose petals onto the floor where Evening Bag is singing.  Life hasn't been easy for her but the melodies she sings in Slumberland are enchanting. She's broken but healing.
I took the day off yesterday to relax. Read my book on the train thinking about the next characters.
I was  to meet a friend at the candy store but had the wrong store so started walking. Strange. I walk along the city streets all the time. Today was different. People rushing by,crazies in the street and then I see that person,  The person I was to meet at the candy store. He bought me chocolate hearts. I thought as  I watched him walk away and I got on the bus. It's the little things that make life so grand.
Like chocolate hearts from the candy store.
Harry and Carol are the new folks coming to Slumberland.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Friday January 3, 2020
The Tarot card of the day is Ace of Swords
Not good. Swords cut.Cut deep.
My day went downward after my silly fantasy of Slumberland. And that's what is was  a fantasy.
I have all these dreams of finding my freaking little friends I met on the beach of Coney Island. The ones that came running to save grandma. We would have fun eating the Chinese food with the inspector calling out orders. And me jumping on the bed! Sidecar ,who can ever forget him.
This is short,but,I know I will find them.Maybe not at Slumberland but I will find them.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

January 2 2020
The Tarot of the day is Ace of Swords It represents the rational mind,your guiding ideal the vision that guides  you through life's changing fortune with single minded clarity. Optimism,evolution, progress,  hope and clarity.
I'm going to sound like a nut,nut! I've been called worse.I love sitting and listening to my jazz music in the evening after a day of art,art.riding my bike and more art. I dream of changes.Oh not like taking a different train or bus but real changes. So!
I am moving to "Slumberland" god who knows where it is but that is where I am going.  Life  can become  boring.Well maybe boring isn't the correct word. I go to plays, do my work,go the the opera,
Good Grief I am A commission running a Teen Art Festival. But I have decided to chuck it all,even if for a few minutes,and live in Slumberland. I'm going to get Chinese food.........not Asian food! Chinese food. I'm going to sit on the bed and watch trashy TV and eat my Chinese food out of the containers with chopsticks. I"m going to  take my hair and twist it around and stick them in the twisted mess. I'm going to sit cross legged and munch on fortune cookies and believe every fortune.
I'm going to take a shower and let the water stream over my face as I dream of a handsome stranger dancing the tango. Even if just for a moment ,isn't that all we have? Moments? I want one special moment to take with me forever.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

January 1 2020
Happy New Year
The card Tarot of the day is the Lovers. It represents the challenges of choosing a partner. At a
crossroad one can only choose one path. Funny I made this choice last week. Last Saturday on my usual bike ride I can to those 2 paths. One would keep me on the known. The path I've been on for a long time. No risk. Came home and couldn't keep the thought of that path off my mind. Worked in my studio did all the usual things. However that path the other one is the one I chose.
                                               The Road Not Taken
                            Two roads diverged in a wood.and I- I  took the one lass traveled by
                             And that has made all the difference in the world

                                                                                            Robert Frost