Thursday, January 16, 2020

January 16,2020
The Tarot of the day is Three of Coins It represents an artist ,driven to bring something into creation.
Intense concentration to solve problems.
Well this sure is revealing. Does this mean crawling around on the floor of my studio covered in sawdust is intense concentration? I have been focused on this idea of bringing my little characters to life.
They have been too static. Frozen in time. Kind of like wax figures and I know they can do better. Crawling around on the floor we have conversations. We talk .They don't say much but when they do it is meaningful. The storyteller has the most to say.Anyway,I took lots of photos. some good some bad. I stepped on the roller coaster and squished it. Jack Knife created chaos practicing his technique throwing knives at Sally. "Wounded by the Master she wore her scar proudly. I came up with that yesterday. I need to start making the graveyard. We need to have a day of homage to grandma and the story teller will give the eulogy.I know I make no sense and I don't even try to. Who cares? I toss rose petals onto the floor where Evening Bag is singing.  Life hasn't been easy for her but the melodies she sings in Slumberland are enchanting. She's broken but healing.
I took the day off yesterday to relax. Read my book on the train thinking about the next characters.
I was  to meet a friend at the candy store but had the wrong store so started walking. Strange. I walk along the city streets all the time. Today was different. People rushing by,crazies in the street and then I see that person,  The person I was to meet at the candy store. He bought me chocolate hearts. I thought as  I watched him walk away and I got on the bus. It's the little things that make life so grand.
Like chocolate hearts from the candy store.
Harry and Carol are the new folks coming to Slumberland.

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