Thursday, January 2, 2020

January 2 2020
The Tarot of the day is Ace of Swords It represents the rational mind,your guiding ideal the vision that guides  you through life's changing fortune with single minded clarity. Optimism,evolution, progress,  hope and clarity.
I'm going to sound like a nut,nut! I've been called worse.I love sitting and listening to my jazz music in the evening after a day of art,art.riding my bike and more art. I dream of changes.Oh not like taking a different train or bus but real changes. So!
I am moving to "Slumberland" god who knows where it is but that is where I am going.  Life  can become  boring.Well maybe boring isn't the correct word. I go to plays, do my work,go the the opera,
Good Grief I am A commission running a Teen Art Festival. But I have decided to chuck it all,even if for a few minutes,and live in Slumberland. I'm going to get Chinese food.........not Asian food! Chinese food. I'm going to sit on the bed and watch trashy TV and eat my Chinese food out of the containers with chopsticks. I"m going to  take my hair and twist it around and stick them in the twisted mess. I'm going to sit cross legged and munch on fortune cookies and believe every fortune.
I'm going to take a shower and let the water stream over my face as I dream of a handsome stranger dancing the tango. Even if just for a moment ,isn't that all we have? Moments? I want one special moment to take with me forever.

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