Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 28th 2:06 pm
Ok,I'm back. first,what kind of crazy person takes on 4 shows in one year and decides it will new work. The first one actually comes down this week. And thanks to Grandpa Wiener I might just get the next one finished. Had a major setback when I lost my Polly Pug. I was doing okay until I brought her little cedar box with engraved name home. So, had a pity party well had a few pity parties.I took a picture of her on my laptop 2 days before she died. can't stand to look at it.
And nowI have to get it together. Maddie died while I was working on a show. In fact, I have to get my notebook out about her. These writings have changed since I started but I guess that's okay.Big painting "Dog Boy" has a lot to go,not sure I'll finish. 2 shrines that I will surround with
an empty frame wrapped in lights. couldn't figure any other way to light them.
Grandpa's paintings are small by my standards. 36"x 48" be he's small too!

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