Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1 5:11
After dragging the painting up to the garage and spraying it I decided I didn't like it,why waste any more time and paint. Now what am going to do. I need work for my gallery and have nothing. The other painting I did manage to fix but I'm working on top of something ,that is to say there is a painting underneath. That's the cheerleader. The book is started,the painting and the model is home so forget about that for a while.
Here is what I did. I took small 6"x8" prints of the Evening Bag becomes the Lady in Red becomes disaster and glued them on little canvases. Then used paint and oil pastel to create a bunch of Miss America's These guys are little and all are 3-D .I broke apart a bunch of cameras for the heads and the clothing is made vintage paper dolls. This painting went from 6 ft to 6 in.
I have to give a talk on Wed night on how I do what I do,I actually I just make stuff,all the time.By the way,had a miserable day on Friday which is probably why I screwed up the big painting but I am able to process the crappy side of my life and push forward with something new.

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