Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27 at 8:27am
Just made it! I picked up a certain color paint I needed for Cezanne's Studio and had to get on the deck before the rain. Hope it's done this time. I'll know better when I get it to Highwire. doesn't look like weather is going to cooperate but as long as there is no wind. I have another I'm starting and 3 to finish.
Probably all won't go in the show,never know. A friend said,your focused! Focused for sure. When I looked at a painting yesterday of Cezanne's I had this flash of one of the first art books I had. Sometime when I must have also gotten "The Artist in the Studio". "Art Appreciation Made Simple" It had this painting of a mountain on the cover and a sticker $1.95. There is was yesterday,that mountain. And here I am today.I think I wanted to live in a sewer in France back then,anything to escape the mundane.
This artist life was for me! I overhead some egghead make a remark about a painting yesterday. Oh,she says "He's just a copycat". Aren't we all? Sun is out again but I'll stay in the garage.

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