Sunday, August 26, 2012

Okay,no date,no nothing. I have accidently deleted my blah blah of my incredible weekend, So, this is "For Derain"60"x 72"and the first painting I did for my show. What I wrote in my deleted mess was I had to go to the museum to look at his painting which I saw but didn't realize it was his. It was my favorite in the "Arcadia" exhibit and I had already done at least 5 of his studio.The comment was he swam upstream.Swam upstream. I love it. Found a great book about Kandinsky.Had a beer and cheese crackers. Anyway,then went to the Barnes.Me,the one that thought moving the Barnes was a travisty,have been there 3 times this month. Had to get this super membership which lets me in anytime. Checked out the library.Then my new best friend Cezanne. I 'm almost finished Cezannes studio.All 12' feet. I worked most of the day yesterday,on the deck. I'm excited. I haven't worked this much in years. I've missed it.Anyway,I'm on the deck now thinking about the movie I watched last night. The Razors Edge. I wondered as I watched why people,including myself,get so lost. Lost in all the crap of the day. I don't feel lost any more. I just let other people get in my space. This person I am now is all I ever wanted to be,why some people think I should have been something else I'm not sure.I'ts been like Derain,swimming upstream!

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