Saturday, October 13, 2012

October13th 6:50am
Just a few days ago I stood in the rain on these rocks in Maine. How many years ago Winslow Homer sat on these same rocks just watching the sea. I learned so much about this man in just 1 week. But  that will come later. I have one more painting to finish in my first studio series as I also begin the next. As soon as I saw the interior of Homer's studio I had in in my head. I can see it on the canvas. Just like I saw Cezanne's I can see Homer's. The chair,his pipe the fireplace. I have a new bag of paint I haven't looked in but I'm sure I'll need different colors. Deep brown and reds. and when I saw his paintings he had the hint of a blue,beautiful blue. And the size is important. In Cezanne's it was about the shelf and the ladders. Homer needs to be more intimate yet the scale still the same. I think I'll do some of the long skinny pieces of his bed. I'm also looking at John Marin,well,since I saw his work on the first trip to Maine and then at the MET over the summer. And can't forget Eakins. This is my new trio!Eakins was a real weirdo,actually a real creep! More on him later also. Oh and why do I take the train. Everyone asks why the train. I can't imagine Winslow Home on anything but a train,had to be a train.As he made his way up the coast through the same towns looking out the window just like me!

           " Seems to me,"he has stated the true artist must perforce go from time to time to the
            elemental forms Sky,Sea,Mountain,Plain and those things pertaining there to,to sort
            of  re-think himself up,to recharge the battery! For those big forms have everything
            But to express these,you have to love these to be part of these in sympathy. One doesn't
            get very far without this love.
                    John Marin

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