Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 27th 6:17pm
I am so tired. I have had so many sleepless nights lately and was up today 4am. But!
But! I did it. I finished the proposal for a gallery in Maine and yes, I mailed it today on my break.
 Lot's of angst over this. I haven't applied to a gallery in years and I have become very secure in my little world. Highwire is safe. Now,I'm putting it out there and have to brace for reject. And should I get it I have to brace for expense! Costs a lot to paint those big paintings. But I made the commitment to myself. I often think about other people my age.They worked and now enjoy babysitting,taking senior cruises or are dead! Me,I keep pushing. I'm not trying to prove anything nor do I think I'll be famous.
I like it! So,Enter back Mr. Devil.He's watching CNN.He is keeping me straight. I did a series of paintings of this guy which I don't think I posted but you can be sure I will.
I am teaching a class on "Dreaming Outside of the Box" about Chagall and Man Ray.Well, Sat Mr.D in my bedroom last night and bring on the nightmares. I say thanks,it was exhausting but I needed the info. He wants to go to Portland next week.He's a First Class Devil so shouldn't he ride on a First class train!

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