Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26th 7:49Pm
What a beautiful night. On the deck listening to music.Waitied all day for the rain,never came. I had to move paintings today so started early. Can't beleive a month has gone by. Now,more work for some new shows.There is so much going on now I should probably write in the notebook with the black sharpie.I need to get some stuff out of my head and that was the only way I could,just kind of spill it.
I'll be right back,just thought old friend. Meet "Mr.Devil". I met this guy many years ago in Juarez Mexico. I don't know what it is about him but,I brought him home and here he is. He usually sits on the mantle but lately he has been up to some nasty tricks. Never,ever,EVER,make a deal with a devil. All of a sudden my focus is gone,my head is spinning, and I am falling back into the black hole.
I worked so hard on my show that I lost focus. The committment I made to myself. This is it.This is the last shot. I need the body of work. Every day,all summer,up at 4am working and for what? The what was a goal. I wanted to know if I could still do"it",still paint.Could I put it on a blank space? It is something that I can't explain but like a drug,I need it.
Well,back to my devil friend.
Know the old saying? Never make a deal with the devil? Well,I did. and now my head is so messed up.
But,it's all about the work,and all I care about is the work!

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