Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3,2012 10:34 am
It is pouring rain so my plan to either move paintings or work on the deck are out the window.
Trying to get this Cezanne Studio #2 finished but tough since I'm working in the garage.
I want this one to be totally different. Color brighter.There are 2 chairs and Cezanne's coat and his brown leather bag. Not there yet,but,I'll get there.
Having a Sea Dog Blueberry beer. Thinking it might hasten the process. I've been up since 3:38 am.I had a cup of coffee and checked the weather and there seemed to be a window of clearing so,I cleared a spot on my deck hoping to move this painting outside.Can't decide if I want to put the stuff on the shelf but it wouldn't be the studio without them and the floor needs work. I'll have a second Sea Dog Bluberry beer. Put the stuff on the shelf and take another photo.

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