Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 9 2012    6:21am
I did it. finished the work and filled the walls. I had all the drawings and collage but as of June had not started the canvases. I knew I could do it but knowing and doing are 2 different things. anyway the opening was mobbed. I actually sold 3 pieces which always makes for a good feeling. And,to sell to artists is what I like. Years ago in Santa Fe I was called a painters painter. And the strangest of all things. Thursday evening I received an e-mail from a man who had purchased a painting "South Pueblo" from my first show in Santa Fe at Blair Galleries.I remember that painting. I had shown it at the Butler Institute in Youngstown Ohio and took it with me when I had a show in El Paso Texas. I hung my show at the University of Texas at El Paso then went roaming around New Mexico trying to get a gallery. With slides,a resume and South Pueblo I got in the Blair Gallery. They liked my work so bumped another artist out of a spring show and gave it to me. It was September and I had to get back to El Paso,take down my show,get back to New Jersey and dream up what I was going to paint.some how I did it and somehow that man showed up and went home with "South Pueblo". The year was 1978. That was then and this is now. Oh the "now". Morris Blackburn,an instructor at PAFA always talked about the now. I tried to explain the now to someone the other day and he didn't get it. White bread and the now. The new PBJ. The now is the moment. Live in the moment. Who knows?
Like the opening Friday night. All the work,planning,struggling brings you to the now,the moment when it all comes togther,it's real and then time to move forward to the next challenge.
I was watching Alan Gilbert last night. I remember him as a young conductor.I took him to St Cecilia's School in Pennsauken N.J. to talk to the students. He was a very quiet and reserved young man. That was a moment in time I will never forget,I'm sure he has. But he was living in the now. Talking to young children about the violin and his work as a conductor. Last night I watched him as he conducted the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
I went to Highwire yesterday and worked on some new Picasso Stuff paintings. Today,Cezanne's studio,this big one comes off the wall to work on. I'm not happy with the blue floor.

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