Saturday, September 1, 2012

September 1 2012 5:17am
This is Cezanne's Studio 2. Bigger than the first one. I took it to Highwire to work on it and make sure the composition was correct,now,it will go on the deck to finish. I was going to try a different studio but since I have been working on this image for over a year it made more sense.
John Marin, the great painter of Maine, would look at things that were big when he needed some help with his work, He look at the ocean or a mountain. I decided to go look at NYC since no mountain or ocean was available, Just wandered around. Picked up a book at the Strand,well picked up a few. That was Wed. Thurs was a hectic day and I was sitting on the deck with this painting,my NYTimes paper pile and a glass of wine and...............I crashed and burned! I got up and just went to bed with my dogs.
7:30 I went to bed and slept all night. All of a sudden I felt like someone had put a pillowcase over my head and I was smothering. Yesterday up at 4am. I went to Highwire with this big friend,a cheese sandwich and gallon of iced tea. Worked on and off then waited for it to dry.Last night I watched a film"What Happened to Jack Kerouac"my hero! I listen to him on the radio in the truck. In fact,I got the CD's when I thought I might drive to Maine.
         From Pomes All Sizes 1955-1960
            Came down from my
                  ivory tower
            And found no world

                   Jack Kerouac

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