Friday, December 27, 2019

December 27th 2019
The tarot of the day is The Seven of Wands
This is pretty true. Represents initiative,ambition drive and desire. Risk- taking.The card shows a woman walking. She is a warrior and has vanquished adversaries against all odds.
What a crazy week. Like being part of my own little carnival. Some fun,some tears but gladly all is well. Moving into a new decade. How exciting life will be. I just know this will Everything is washed away. Just like Grandma at Coney Island. How often I sat on that beach looking over the water and wondering what was out there. Now I think I know. 20 years looking out over a horizon. Out of train and bus windows wondering what is there, ever for me. I took a few figures down to Hopkins Pond. The funny ones that look like bushman. I need to think of a name. Individual names. Edited the photos on my laptop.  Not bad for the first round.Least I didn't fall in the water. There were very well behaved. Sat in the back basket of my bike. I spray painted the shoes on the shoe launcher guy. So much more to do but now that the story is set. I'm good to go. I have to type tomorrow. It's all in my head along with everything else I store up there.

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