Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28th 6:35 am
Everyday I work in some way on the notebooks. None are finished and what do I do ,go and start another. I couldn't figure where to put the poems.I had this book on Picasso portraits so I cut all the faces in half,the way I started the "Self Portraits from the Black Hole" so I cut all the faces and glue them in the book . Worked on one ." Homage Picasso, poems from the Black Hole"
So they are dark,what's the crime in that.
A bed
is too small for two
even if
when I think
it's a magic bed
I have dreams in it
dreams like
a true King
under his canopy
with his queen beside
in a magic room
arrested in space
like a bird on a rainbow
It is dark
I cannot see the walls
Keeping my balance
by holding Satan's tail
dragging me downwards
my thoughts are grave.

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