Friday, January 15, 2010

Jan 15 2:06 pm
I'm off on Friday to do art and I have been doing art all day. At least trying to figure out my new paintings. If I had been writing in my notebooks I would have been writing all day since I can't figure this out. I wanted to start the self portrait with ellie and the cheerleader. I'm trying to paint like a painter. I work on it,photograph,back to work. I'm working on top of an old painting in case I screw up. Maybe it's okay to screw up since I didn't want to do this at all today. I was so excited Sunday,always excited when I'm left alone in my own world. I'm thinking about all the times when I screwed up. I wore a black dress to a dance and was told it was ugly,pierced my ears and was called a gypsy. Why is it some people are compelled to tell you what it is you are doing wrong. Like they are the masters of the universe. Done with painting today,I'm going to cut up some magazines.
This painting is about 4 x 6 ft and the small model is about 12" high .

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