Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jan 17 7:22am
Been up since 4:30. I am looking for a photo. Yesterday I went to Highwire and worked all day on new sketchbooks for new paintings and wanted to finish Miss America. The model of the new painting I'm working on is there and I didn't realize how much detail is in in head so I might wait to work on it and go to the self portrait with Ellie. I started that painting but need to pick up some paint since the skirt is a certain green. While searching for the photo I never realized just how many little notebooks I have.And big notebooks and sketchbooks filled with random ideas.
Anyway,who cares. this picture I'm looking for I did a drawing of and I glued it on the cover.
Also found more Miss America picture. I make no sense. I have about 4 empty pages and found
or so more. I shouldn't have added those extra photos.
I have a moleskin Japanese album with this crazy stuff written.
" Rules for people who don't follow the rules. The following instructions must be carefully observed. The hard and the fast rule.What you must do. the norm The hard and the fast.The trashy dimension underconsideration of the fact. Consideration of the fact trivial and trashy to a meaningful dimension. Disturbed is the word from now on. Nightmare world of the disturbed."
I just write this stuff,don't be asking for an explanation. It goes on and on. I'll write more tomorrow.
The cover of the 2 new books.

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