Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 29th 4:40 am
Working on 2 big paintings, and 1 book as well as reading notebook from 2007. not happy with the paintings so I'll bring one up to the garage to spray paint. When in doubt, spray. I was working on a puppet head that was to be exhibited in an alumni show. It was August and I was spray painting an old porch column for the pedestal. Bright yellow needs several coats. Upon delivery of this bright yellow pedestal and puppet head I was going through the toll booth on the bridge and turned to see the band from Star Wars sitting in my truck!. Never,never spray paint in August without a mask,ended up in the emergency room.So, it's about 20 degrees today so I'm spray painting the evening bag who became the Lady in Red. I'm re-working the whole composition of the 2nd painting.I cut up a book on 20th century art and added some or should I say borrowed some shapes from Picasso,he'll never find out. Now the good news is in the 2007 notebook I found a series of drawings. Self portraits with dogs and some of my cat Rudy. I'll use these for the July show. Lady in Red has to be delivered Sun so hopefully I won't screw up.
I also took the heads off of 3 of the DaDa dolls. Not a big deal,I do this all the time.

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