Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 9 7:25 am
Good grief it's the tower card again. I think that is speaking to me.I need more research on this card.
Anyway, I decided to take Friday off and devote the time to just doing art. Yesterday was the first.
Oh,forgot the dream stuff. I was going to write yesterday morning but concentrated on having a dream so much I had this terrible nightmare. Lots of knife throwing and stabbing. Freaked me out. I'll get that easel in today and try the drawing project. So I'll go back to the dream notebook and then to yesterday which is about the "Evening Bag".
I large branch falls to the ground in my front yard and a bird is lying upside down and dead.It is a blue jay and it only has one leg. The drawing I did for this painting is very complicated. I like the painting. In fact,I traced all the birds and made chalk figures on sticks. When I went through my cut up everything in sight I would glue images on sticks or stuff them. They usually ended up in they trash. A huge one of "The Matachines" from my grant I cut and stuffed.
I'll post the photos of the bird dream but then I have to go back , I forgot about an interesting event I go digging through old photos and, oh my, something unpleasant comes to mind.
I start this rambling and get distracted.
Francoise Gilot was an artist who lived with Picasso for many years and later married Jonas Salk. Where did go wrong. anyway she was having a show at a nearby college and PUD aka JSB
said he would take me. Oh boy, got all dressed up in these clickity clacky shoes. Had great fun,
except the next day I was or we were going to a restaurant in Philadelphia where 2 famous chefs were cooking brunch. He was green and sick from the night before from copious drinks so
I ate 2 brunches and several very expensive glasses of wine. don't know why I kept trying. No wonder knives fly through my dreams.

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