Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan 26 5:23 am
Got up early and read the entire notebook from 2004. Wow was that boring. sometimes it's hard to remember what a struggle these last 10-12 years have been. Struggling to get back my art was like starting all over. The work was so bad ,yet,I kept on going. Remember a friend said "The art will get you through." She was right. I found the dog picture of Raven so I can start that book.
The cheerleader is going fine. This will be different Miss America. More abstract. Also decided to take a few shadow box frames apart to put my books in. Thinking if I leave the glass off you can turn the pages. One thing of interest from 2004 was the devil puppet showed up again.
this is the poem I start the new book with seems like it goes with the theme. not sure where
I found it. I'll get out the typewriter so I can ad words to the pages.
Everyone whacks her with tiny blows
the way you peel an egg.
With desperate bursts of perfume
she strikes back at the world
With sharp giggles she gets even
For all the sadness.
and with quick little fallings-in-love,
like burps and hiccups of feeling.
A terrorist of sweetness.
she stuffs bombshells with despair and cinnamon,
with cloves,with shrapnel of love.
at night when she tears off her jewelry,
there's a danger she won't know when to stop
and will go on tearing and slashing away at her whole life.

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