Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jan.12 7:01 am
Woke up at 4:30 thinking about Picasso's dog Lump.He didn't just paint the dog,he painted Lump as part of the painting. I have one photo of Raven,my black lab,running around in front of a painting when I was trying to take a picture. I have to find that photo. spontaneous. That's what I want for my dog paintings. got out a smaller notebook and will start with pencil. the sharpie always comes through the page.
I went back to the original "Evening Bag" painting which was at first a model. I painted a red dress on her so now she is the Evening Bag becomes the Lady in Red. Just wanted to push the paint a little further. The little models to big paintings,did it before so will try that again. I made one called "Self Portrait with Ellie" This is the next painting. I started a canvas of the first notebook. Attacked it like some kind of maniac and never went back to it so I'll use it for this.
Lay it out tonight.

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