Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan 19 7:18am
Problem with doing so much art is I end up having so much art! Looking for the missing photo I come across all kinds of neat stuff. Started a new model Hazel Haines. I'm waiting for the glue gun to heat. What a crazy weekend,probably normal for me. Friday was horrible. managed to throw lot's of paint around. Saturday better. Sunday I went to Phila.in the pouring rain to buy art supplies and yesterday got started on my website. A friend is doing it for me, thank god. Last night evening back in center city for wine and snacks. A perfect weekend starts in the black hole and ends with a few wines!
Hazel's head is on.
Found this collage "Nobody's Perfect" the head is a photo of that creepy guy with the snakes coming out of his head. Put it in the trash this morning. The creepy head not the collage.
Another PUD purge. He's gone but not forgotten.
Don't feel like going to work today.

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