Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jan 5 6:12 am
I've been thinking about all these dreams and still don't have my easel in the bedroom. I almost took it to the thrift shop but know I really want to try that idea. I try many more ideas in fact,have a basement full of ideas.Anyway, I have these 4 shows pending and the one in Sept is about all this stuff I write. when I look at these drawings I want to be careful to take care of them. I make no sense. this one is strange,Ha! There is a dear person in my life who thinks I'm strange,can't imagine that. We,for the sake of this dream,we will call PUD,JSB. He shows up all the time. Anyway JSB is driving and won't speak to me. We go to a hallway,there is a bathroom and someone is watching. they left a pear core in the toilet. I tried to research this dream and what's with the pear. found lot's of fruit but no pear. In the drawing there seems to be a mouse but I think it's a hood ornament. I used about 5 of these dreams for paintings. The one with the Guadalupe was about 3 x 6 feet. Never painted the pear core.

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