Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 22 8:29am
It's art day and hopefully will go better than last week which became make bad art,feel miserable,drink some wine and fall asleep day. Working on Hazel before going to the paint.
I have lots of new colors to try to work on the Cheerleader. Please don't call my models robots.
they are more like prototypes. Another page from my writing which no one understands. I like that. I like having or doing something that no person understands. that way I always have something of my own. Can't take away can't change because you don't get it Ha!
"Agitated,no,no,no! He doesn't understand a word I say. throat fungus caused by a night of irresponsible fun. A night of watered down drinks. I remind the management of the watered down needless and my situation becomes one of lowering standards." don't get it? Good!
I have over 50 self portraits from the Black Hole that goes with all this strange commentary.I also missed writing about 3 notebooks because I get ahead of myself. Gee,stuff to look forward to. I went through this phase of stuffing kid's pajamas and putting bizarre heads on them. Thank god that phase ended. And Van Gogh's painting of the Potato Eaters I replaced the heads with chain saws I cut out of a Sears Catalog. I think I still have that. and the Party in NYC which
is actually an essay with drawings.
Well,off to try to get something done. May I present Hazel.

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