Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dec.1 6:29am
It's late but I was getting out the next notebook. I was going to write about the tower I made but I'll save it for New Year's Eve. this notebook actually has a title. "The Mango Papers" it's called the" Mango Papers because I had a show and put a table and chairs in the gallery. I copied every page of the notebook and thought people could sit and read well they did but I spilled mango juice all over it and it is still a sticky mess. Anyway,I was in Shoprite the nervous breakdown was well on it's away and had taken it's hold on me,I had no job I had managed to get furniture but I went into Goodwill mode. It was really scary not to mention that creepy smell everything from Goodwill has. Curtains,blankets and clothes,junk everything used and ugly and blue and green.
A friend came to see my work and her comment was," I saw a piano and that was the last sane moment until I saw the washing machine" It was a mess. Plus I was making all kinds of bleeding dolls and altars with Mrs. Butterworth .Anyway, I was in Shoprite and looked down to the last shelf and saw a candle with the Virgin Mary. On the back was some writing which said if you burn this candle and prayer to The Virgin Of Guadalupe she will help you. I had nothing to loose so bought the candle and started my lifelong devotion to the Guadalupe. I found her everywhere and when I did I brought her home and waited. I decided already it was working so my house became a shrine and decided to devote an entire show to her. What a mistake.

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