Friday, December 4, 2009

Dec.4 6:56
Went to upload a photo and forgot one of my favorites from the New Mexico years. this isn't a good copy but the only one I could find. this one is big too,really big.
It now lives in a hotel in Aspen,wished I lived in a hotel in Aspen.I think this got sold from a gallery in Denver.
Remember Pud? After he got me thrown out of my Santa Fe gallery I got into one in Denver.
Back to Guadalupe and the year 2000.
The Tarot card of the Day is the Wheel of Fortune
Chance. (Taro of today,not 2000) I write like a nut .
A turn of events. Fate spins off in new directions and fate takes the stage.Chance presents new opportunities for those who seize the day.
Okay,I'm ready to seize. It seems odd I go back to Guadalupe and fate sneaks in to seize the day.
More drawings from the shrines which were all over my house. I would change over and over and draw as a Still Life. Check out the devil. Guess we know who that is.
Anyway, I created paintings from these images which I thought were the worst I ever did. The drawings fill the notebook and as I look at them I don't understand why the paintings were so
crummy. Anyway,I bought most of this junk at the thrift shop,except for the devil,he came from Juarez Mexico. My place was littered with this crap!I won a Best in Show for the mexican puppets. It was when I was trying to get my work back to my standard. Could have cared less but pushed on.
Just found a loose page with no date.I'm cracking up again,not now but here is what I wrote:
"Its not about pain,not the cutting bleeding kind but the universal pain. the kind that just won't go away.The kind that is so far inside that you just can't explain. Joy is not universal,it's something you have to discover for yourself. I discovered someone else who also understood the pain. It's not important to believe or even understand..
I had know idea how bad this was going to get!
that's it.

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