Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dec.15th 6:36am
I'll explain the Evening Bag phase. For this I have to go way back to the days of Mr. Put U down.
Can't figure where to start so as Lewis Carroll said" Start at the beginning and stop when you get to the end." I did no art for 1o years, nothing. I worked for him at the funeral home. Dragging dead people around. When we got married he promised I'd be driving a Cadillac! Ha! He didn't add the part one passenger would be laying down. God, my personal car was a flower car so I could jump into action at a moments notice. He would bring me flowers with the ribbons on"Dear Mother" "Beloved Uncle" I remember identifying someone by there argyle socks and then there was Grace from Tom's River. I took my hearse everywhere. Drove the limo too. and then the time he threw me in the freezer,and the lady with the little head who weighed 300lbs.
Back to the evening bag story. I had to start somewhere so I set up a drawing table and gathered supplies. My therapist suggested I paint my marriage so I made merry-go-rounds and roller coasters. This was before the notebook cause this is where he really got pissed! I use lots of kids supplies that's about all I had I got was in a small show and was so embarrassed after all the galleries,awards etc. somehow kept going.

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