Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec.3 7:15 am
I've been up since 4am working on the latest project. The DaDa's. I use to make these all the time. This was one of my first. I guess early 90's she actually sold. Anyway, was struggling getting back to painting so I decided to make my on models. The black one on top was fragile and eventually fell apart. I guess there was something about the tearing apart that was exciting.
I made them on my kitchen table. Now I'm working on the dining room table. What a mess. Oh well. Didn't read the Mango Papers yesterday but will carry around. This was also the start of my very short puppet making career. I used wine bottle openers and made a circus. Also an altar with a crucified puppet head. More on that when the papers are read. DaDA on top,things getting creepy as my head starts heading to the Black Hole.
The drawing doesn't have much to do with anything except to show how screwy I'm getting or was getting then. I built still life everywhere and didn't have a computer or camera so I drew everything. There is Hello Kitty peeking around the corner and that nasty looking guy is a doll from the Pineapple Shop. Of course the Guadalupe and the furniture I now have is a bunch of junk I picked up on the curb. It was a dining room cabinet,pretty ugly so I felt deserving of it.

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