Friday, December 18, 2009

Dec.18th 6:03 am
Wish I hadn't lost yesterday,oh well.
Back to my challenge. I had no idea where to start or what to paint. PUD suggested covered bridges, thanks. A friend thought figures thinking I had a traditional background from the Academy. The idea made sense but going into a studio with a model didn't so, I decided to make my own models. This is how we get to the evening bag. I started taking apart radios,TV sets,cameras etc. I would break the heads off dolls spray the bodies. gathered piles of this stuff.
I needed a studio and wanted to go back to the room I always worked in, the one PUD had carpeted for me. I scraped the wallpaper off and tore up the rug. Was I in big trouble! People don't live this way,he screamed. I didn't care. The spots of paint were still on the floor that had been covered up so many years ago. But, I still couldn't start. I started the models and figured painting was like riding a bike, and when I was ready I would paint.
This was one of the first. The body and head are made of an old wooden radio,crutches for legs,a pair of child's ski poles and various bits and pieces for the head. And there is my first figure painting "Tobor" He is still around but off the stretchers.
The other guy is the fisherman. His legs are mortar tubes, head is an upside down beverage cooler. He had a bad life. I couldn't figure how to paint him since he was tall and skinny. So I put 2 canvases side by side. now I'm in the attic. No heat again and freezing. I don't have any time. I finish the painting and it was about 10 feet long. It will be shown at a book shop in Phila Yea! I'm going to make it make it back. Forgot about PUD. He ain't happy and when Pud ain't happy ain't nobody happy. Remember how he invited people over the day of my staged comeback? Well, the day of delivery,he plans to go to a party which not only is the opposite direction of Phila but about 25 miles. Now I'm a wreck and breathing in my paper bag. He insults me at the party about what I do and I start feeling like dirt. We get to Phila and he is awful,mean nasty so tells me he is going outside to talk to some homeless people he finds more interesting. He then wants to go to a bar to finish me off.
Spent the night crying in the kitchen

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