Friday, December 11, 2009

Dec.11 5:48 am
I am sitting with wiener Ellie on my lap other dogs sleeping to jazz on the radio.
I had a psychic reading last night. the reason I have such dark thoughts is that my mother died in the black plaque! in my former life of course. I have a need to paint representational images.
Oh dear, well that could be what I am thinking about for the dog days show in July. Certainly not the trash. I have to get more info from this person.
As far as the show in NYC,turned out it was in Harlem which was or is a great spot for a gallery.
It was around May I went up to show some stuff and make the plan. Owner said she like my work because it was spiritual. I will install my bleeding crucifix in the street in front of the gallery and use the windows. should have consulted the medium back then. I went back to Rutgers U for the summer and worked on getting ready for my show. I got a vending machine and filled it with those little birds that when you put water in them they whistle.
This is my invitation. I made it on a copy machine with one of the little bird whistles.

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