Monday, December 28, 2009

Dec.28 10.49 am
Holiday got in the way so now I am trying to figure out where I am. I want to write about my tribute tower but will wait until New Year's Eve. I also get very confused about the time frame so I'm all over the place. want to get to year 1999/2000,for the sake of the tower.
I had to search for the "Carnival Scene." I did the sets for Elephant Man and plunged myself into the life of freaks and side show oddities. I created drops for the play about 10 ft long. Lost most in the flood and can't find the drawings. An artist friend saw the play and said he only knew one crazy person who would do such a thing and yes ME!
I made a pop up book for the basic design. These 2 characters are the barkers.
So,since I can't find the drawings and the originals are gone I'll move on.
I want to write about my favorite book "From the Insane Asylum" by Joseph Kaufer copyright
1966. Gee the year I graduated from High School. Must be a sign.
The Painter
When he was brought in
for a rather mild psychosis
Of which sadness was the principal ingredient
They permitted him to bring in with him his
brushes and colors-
Indeed,encouraged him
to set up his easel on the lawn
Before the lovely landscape
And to paint the fields,clouds ,rivers
the glorious scene
He could not. He had lost the vision within.

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