Monday, December 7, 2009

Dec. 7 9:02 am
Late because my battery was dead in my camera and I wanted to tale a picture of the ugly painting with the mexican puppets. Tarot of the day is Temperance. Moderation,balance. That's really great since I do nothing in moderation.Okay this is the dreadful painting I hate. I took it off the stretchers and then glued clothing on the puppets.
Maybe I'll cut the little people out. I like the one with the sad face. That green and red thing at the bottom was a scarf like thing that I bought in Camden. Pud took it and draped it in his car. That wasn't funny. I should mention how I ended up in Camden,NJ. I was taking a course at Rutgers University and met a teacher who was at a school that was looking for an art teacher. This is perfect. I will take my misery to Camden. Anyway at Rutgers I made this Guadalupe from painted paper. I put her image on everything. I knew she had guided me to Camden where I met many Mexican people. My birthday is her feast day. Perfect, now my life is on course. By the way the DaDa dolls I'm making,I made 2 more yesterday and this morning I started Homage to Bernadette Ha so much for moderation.

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