Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dec.24 5:54am
Christmas Eve 2009.
This is called "Everything is for Gauguin." The title comes from the movie about Vincent
Van Gogh. All he did was try to please and be happy,just paint and be happy. When he lived with Paul Gauguin he tried to please him which was impossible. Paul was a tyrant.
I guess what I wanted to convey was Santa with all the gifts with everything to give can't make some people happy.
I wish I still had this painting it was about 6 x 5 ft. I cut it up,then made it 3d. I like the animals.
Tomorrow morning I am going visit friends for breakfast,I have never been invited anywhere for Christmas. This is a good change,last Friday we went to the ballet in the city.
Maybe it's time to stop giving everything to someone else and give something to me.
My christmas gift to me will be the gift of time. I think it's time for me.

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