Monday, December 14, 2009

Dec.14th 6:39 am
All my notes from the NYC show are scattered. I ripped them out of the notebook to hang on the
wall at Highwire somewhere in between I set them on fire. The reason I set them on fire was Madeline the pug chewed on them so I thought rather then hang chewed up notes I'd burn them.
they're a mess.
I've been working on my DaDa dolls this morning. Instead of being my usual scattered self I will try to take one show at a time. The one in June will be all trash art. I took an old camera apart and I stuffed the bellows,that will be a dress and the body of the camera a dog. I finished 2 yesterday. I'm working on a sketchbook to go with the dolls. It's different from the notebooks and different from a sketchbook. this is the cover. The original painting was big as usual and called "Evening Bag" She was a painting from a doll I made ages ago. I think it fell apart.I glued a different arm on when I put her in the sketchbook.

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