Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dec.12 5:39 pm
The Mango Papers ended with my show so I started a new notebook. It's September and I'm starting to work on my set designs for " Elephant Man ". I am going to do the carnival scene. I presented the preliminary drawings to the theater group and they loved them.
I finished all the work for NYC and everything is loaded and ready to go.I did a new painting of a skull of some kind of animal I found in the desert covered it with those little birds I have lots of netting kinda stuff. My sister and some of her friends are meeting me with ladders etc to help with the installation. I took 2 pieces of lattice and hung broken dolls that I spray painted to look like angels. I am ready. Here is what I wrote on Sept. 10 2001. " I think I'll wrap the angels in plastic. Make it kind of raw. Unfinished looking, just lean in the windows. I'll figure the netting and lights tomorrow, it's going to rain today. I went to a gallery on South St and bought a special jacket with Our Lady of Guadalupe on it. It was expensive but I I wanted it to wear for my show.
I wrote " The jacket was there for me I know it! I'll be ready and go for it!"
On Sept 20 2001 I wrote. "I never got to wear the coat. The world came tumbling down. I 'm going through all kinds of stages of course it wasn't meant to be. I'm floundering"

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