Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dec. 6th 5:22pm
I was up this morning at 4am but all involved with thinking about all the shows I have coming up.
The first is in June and will be at the same place and same time as the big earth fair. I teach Art from Trash and will get to show my Art from Trash. The next is in July at HFA gallery so I'm doing dog days of summer. Highwire gallery in Phila will be Notebooks, paintings from the blog
and Oct back to the Palmy Cove and nature. I will probably go up and down but knowing I have so much work to do is good,I'll crash for sure but have my buddy to prop me up.We'll pass on the Tarot Card of the day,too spooky. I'm having a card reading Thursday.
Back to the Mango Papers. I had the same excitement about this altar I was building as I do about all these shows. Mango came to a dreadful end.

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