Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dec.30 6:35am
Tarot card of the day is the Seven of Wands
Today is about valor, bravery,courage and strength. There may be a confrontation that requires
you to defend yourself,protect something or meet a challenge and you will face it boldly. you have the acquired self assertion and you believe in yourself enough to stand your ground with daring
and courage. Today you will feel the fear but do it anyway.
I can't figure if because I'm an artist or maybe I wanted to be an artist or try to be artist that people (who ever these people are) think I am something of that freak of nature I drew. Is one a freak because you have opinions that differ,drive a little truck and think it's okay, like wearing clothes from the lost and found, want to make stuff more than talk on a phone and simply want to be in control of your own life? This has been my struggle for my whole life. this is who I am and most people I've met along the way have thought," No, that's not who you are,you will be who I want you to be." then comes the struggle. I left my old house over 10 years ago and decided to put the trust in me,I'll figure it out just me and my doggies. Whenever I stray I get lost,trying to please and fall into the hole.I have to have the courage to stay out of the hole
not fall in or get pushed in. stand my ground.
I will put my paper hat on my concussion and dance...e e cummings.

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