Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dec. 10 6:42 am
I'm reading the last page of the Mango Papers. It is April 6 2001 at 6:04 am. I made 3 trips to Phila to install my altar. It is made out of an old wooden play pen. I have a kneeler. I found huge branches which I made a cross and put the stuffed puppet head with red rope all over and down the stairs. I lights up. 3 paintings including the ugly mexican puppets,the devil and some huge thing with a pink stuffed poodle. Of course,the bride with the dripping bloody eyes. There are no prices. It is an experience Get it? I even have music. It's french gypsy music you idiots! I take lots of crap about the prices,about the theme everyone has an opinion.
The opening is mobbed,gets dark loud music lights blood. Just what I want. A woman starts to ask lots of questions about the play pen altar and then asks if I can install it at her gallery. In the window,for a weekend,as part of something she is planning,and also plan a show,for a later date at her gallery,in New York City! I did it! NYC ! I'm ready! I have the whole summer off to work.

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