Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec.2 7:06 am
Tarot card of the day is 7 of swords.
Lack of purpose. A confusion of options causes goals to become confused. to go in circles,waste time.A need for assistance or guidance goes unanswered.
This sure is true, I have all kinds of stuff planned in my head but can't get organized. I managed to pick up 4 paintings I left at a show,totally forgot them. I have 3 big shows coming up. Know what I want to do but can't seem to get it together.I worked on a DaDa doll in school. It's reallly cool. His name,for now is 1981. Okay,here is the goal Tarot of 7 of swords. Tonight I get home from work at 6pm finish 3 of these guys for the December exhibit. Challenge to my BFF to keep me on the track. I'll read the Mango Papers at work for tomorrows notes.

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